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The Days of Tartini Festival Piran

The Days of Tartini Festival Piran, which is dedicated to the music and creativity of Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770), has found its place under the sun in the birthplace of this great composer and violinist - Piran.

The music that echoes from the string instruments flows into the hearts of the people and this love of Giuseppe is passed down over centuries and generations. Even today, with its streets and roofs, sea and spirit, Piran reflects the time in which Tartini walked, played, fell in love, wrote his first notes and received his first musical training.

We invite you to meet Tartini through words and music!

Video presentation

  • The Days of Tartini Festival Piran
  • Tartinijada
  • Tartinijada 2014
  • Tartinijada 2016: Court dance
  • Tartinijada 2016: Concert
  • Tartinijada 2016: The Hunt
  • Tartinijada 2016: Promo
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